My last thoughts…wrapping up!

In this final blog, I want to reflect upon the outcome of this ONL171 course in my teaching approaches. I must give a little bit of a background first. I have been appointed as head of the Endodontic department in KI since January this year. As I have been involved in plenty of discussions regarding the current curriculum both for undergraduates and postgraduate education in Endodontics, I have been trying to figure out new ideas to implement and modernize teaching. I must say that right now, as I am writing, I am floating with new ideas. The possibilities are endless, I think, but it is also a bit scary.

Just as the course started, and I was standing in front of a group of postgraduates’ clinical students in endodontics, I couldn’t be more eager to try to connect them not only by PBL physically but also online. Hence, I created a Google plus community for the postgraduate education in Endodontics and we started sharing thoughts, course material, schedules, etc. The students have received this implementation very positively. All the course literature is posted weekly and we are virtually connected.

In yet another aspect of technology development thanks to ONL, I got into the situation that one of the students needed to travel abroad due to personal reasons, and we were having an invited expert who is not so easy to get to lecture. The student was so devastated that he would miss the seminar with the expert, however, it crossed my mind that we could do an Adobe Connect conference while he was abroad. It worked like a charm! While the student was sitting in Jeddha, we were connected with our seminar room and he didn’t miss a bit of the seminar, he could even interact with the lecturer and all of us. He posed wise questions and follow the seminar material. It was like he was present in the classroom. I do not know how to express how grateful he was, and so I was very satisfied with the outcome of the Adobe Connect seminar possibilities. Before ONL I wouldn’t have even considered this possibility. It was just a great breakthrough.


My next step is to implement Socrative as a tool for assessment of ILOs and to start with employing Prezi and Canva not only for my own presentations but also for the students, so we can openly share our development in class. I have also to add that I consider that Mindup was a perfect tool for sharing thoughts as well as the FISH document via Google docs.

One thing is for sure, that not all the changes can be done at once and some of them may require more time than others, but the future is very promising, my passion for electronics and computational programing I think is paying off and will keep on helping me in this new way of teaching. Welcome to the modernity and open online activity, thanks to ONL.


3 thoughts on “My last thoughts…wrapping up!

  1. Thanks for sharing what you have already implemented and what you plan to try. I seems you got immediate positive feed-back from the students when finding new solutions. I’ve been using Adobe Connect for some years (nursing programme at KI) e.g. for course introductions, and will add zoom as an option for the students. Good luck!


  2. Hi Luis!

    Lovely to hear that you have already implemented things from ONL in your teaching – and that it has turned out so well!!
    For sure webinars, like Adobe rooms, give lots of possibilities either to do something completely online or to add just some people who could not make it to the class room…

    Hope to stay in touch with all of you ONL learners, and for those of you who are at Karolinska Institutet we plan to try to establish some “KI community of ONL”. Hope to get back to you about that!

    Kind regards Maria


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